Sometimes there are things in life, which can’t be bought with money: Therefore one needs to create these oneself, at least this is how it happened with me and my instruments, which I would like to show here. 
During the years they improved according to my ideas and specific requirements. Whereas I would like to comment, that the design process and the manual production in the workshop has been more exciting than the later pleasure of playing. 
During the 90s I bought a fiddly ABM-Pedalsteel under the influence of musical presumption, but I didn’t keep it for long. My musical skills weren’t enough to play it smoothly. Too many strings, pedals and way too many tuning and chordal possibilities. Particularly with my foot disability I couldn’t use the pedals comfortably whilst sitting. I loved the sound and found it quite interesting, so to that end I created an instrument myself, which I tailored perfectly to my physical and musical requirements. Somehow everything became easier than it was with a “normal” Pedalsteel. Actually my design and creations are more like a Lapsteel with a few pedals. Generally with only six well arranged strings, in the "for me" well known E-major tuning. 
The volume pedal is operated by my left foot, all string pedals are operated by the right. One of these pedals can quickly create a subdominant chord and a convenient placed knee lever could produce a minor accord in every position.
All this with a mechanism that seems rather antiquated today. Simple and rugged pull-release mechanism/changer, such as the beginnings of the pedal steel in the 50s, but it works perfectly.
Enjoy browsing through the pages !